Sunday 1 October 2017

10 am to 5 pm


Are you wondering what De Hobbit has to offer?

Join us on a delectable voyage of vegetarian discovery! Come and explore our production facilities to see our tempeh, feel our seitan and try our tofu.

We will also lay on a number of additional activities.


1.       10 to 11.30 am: a lecture on bees

By Marijke van Ranst

Marijke explains why bees are so important to our ecosystem and to biodiversity in general.

2.       12.30 to 3 pm: cooking demo

By Kevin Storms

Kevin demonstrates how to cook tempeh, tofu and seitan.

3.       3.30 to 5 pm: the tempeh academy

By Frederik Dossche

Learn all you need to know about tempeh.



-          Subscription required (please specify name, telephone number and activity).

-          Subscribe at or via Facebook private message.

-          Numbers restricted to 20 per activity.

-          Fully subscribed = fully subscribed.

-          We ask that subscribers attend the activities in good time. Given the busy schedule we will admit subscribers 15 minutes in advance and adhere to the time slots strictly.

No subscription required for the final activity, which will run on a first come, first served basis.


Free bike check-up by Pervélo

Come by bike and we will provide a free bike check-up during your visit: every good bike deserves a check-up.

No subscription required: i.e. first come, first served. Two technicians available.