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De Hobbit tofu 100%: European soy - 100% Made in Belgium - 100% Delicious

De Hobbit tofu
100% European soy - 100% Made in Belgium - 100% Delicious

100% European soy
It is well known, at De Hobbit we make delicious tofu, made from soybeans. When you buy a pack of tofu* from De Hobbit, it is always made from European soybeans. Hence, the beans do not travel far to reach our company in Maldegem, and there is no deforestation of the rainforest. In addition, we are currently doing tests with Belgian soy - this will make the chain from farm to fork even shorter!

*= also our smoked tofu, minced tofu, mildly spiced tofu sticks, spicy tofu sticks, silken tofu, tofu hazelnut and tofu curry

100% Made in Belgium
De Hobbit is a second generation family company, located in Maldegem. All our products are dispatched from our company, and are made with dedication, every day! Thomas, the manager of our tofu production, together with his team,  ensure that our tofu always meets the required quality.

100% Delicious
Of course, De Hobbit only uses certified organic, i.e., not genetically modified, soybeans. The soybean is a legume, derived from the soy plant, and contains up to 35% of protein. That is what makes soy so interesting! It has also been used for centuries as a meat substitute.