About De Hobbit

Producers of delicious, organic, vegan food.

De Hobbit is 100% organic and believes wholeheartedly in the transparency and safety of the food chain. Organic means a natural approach: from growing the raw produce to packing the end product and distributing it to the consumer. No artificial additives, no genetic modification. We are also squarely behind the principles of fair trade to assure the welfare of the growers.

De Hobbit is seen as a pioneer in vegan alternatives, of which we are rightly proud. The brand is all about the development of innovative methods to improve the welfare of humankind and the natural world.

It is our mission to supply top quality, healthy, and, above all, delicious alternatives to meat.


we go for pure food. This is a careful process, in which we give our full attention to the origin of the bean and every other step along the way. Our guarantee, in other words, of the high food value of all our products. Our products are certified by Certisys (Controle BE-BIO-01).

Why bio?


Better for the environment, better for health and better for animals. Our products are 100% free of animal products for good reason.


We go all out for the future. Sustainable innovation takes centre stage and is the common thread in our product range.

Fair & Social

Eerlijke handel en een persoonlijk contact, met zowel de lokale boeren als de boeren uit ontwikkelingslanden, zijn voor ons een vereiste.

The De Hobbit team

De Hobbit and what we stand for

The idea first took shape in the 1970s and since 1983 De Hobbit has been a well-known player in organic meat substitutes. It all started with tempeh, a meat substitute made from fermented soybeans.

Convinced of the many benefits of vegetarian food, we soon expanded the range to include seitan, tofu and - more recently - products made from lupin beans and hemp. Today we make more than 40 delicious vegan foods including salads, spreads and burgers.

Pride in our partners!

The History of De Hobbit


De Hobbit sets up as a producer

Relocation to Maldegem

commencement of tempeh, seitan & salad production

Acquisition of Food For Freedom

commencement of tofu, natto and mochi production

New basic ingredient

we welcome the lupin bean to our family of ingredients

Expansion of the range

hemp is added to the range of basic ingredients

We continue to innovate

new offices and a strict system of quality controls

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