Mushrooms on toast

20min ‚óŹ Used products: Tofu Pesto

Ingredients for 4 toasts 300g mixed mushrooms, 4 thick slices of multigrain or sourdough bread, 1 pack of De Hobbit Tofu-Pesto spread, 1 handful of spinach leaves, 25g toasted pine nuts, fresh basil, truffle oil, olive oil, salt and pepper


Slice the mushrooms into smaller pieces and fry in a little olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Toast the bread in the oven or toaster. Spread a large tablespoon of De Hobbit Tofu-Pesto spread over each piece of toast, add a few young spinach leaves and top with the fried mushrooms. Finish with the pine nuts, basil leaves and a few drops of truffle oil.

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